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Celebrity Page
This Page Is Dedicated To Celebrities I Have Either Met Or Have Seen In Concert
I hope these celebrities are some of your favorites. If not, just enjoy the page!

Darius Rucker From Hootie And The Blowfish
I met Darius at the Dan Marino Gold Tournament about three years ago. Hootie and The Blowfish are regulars there and I have seen them in concert two times now.
Brooke Burns From Baywatch Hawaii
My father took this picture at a convention he went to and Brooke was there promoting Baywatch obviously.
Myself, D.B.(Daniel Bernard) Sweeney and My Sister
We met D.B. Sweeney at the Dan Marino Golf Tournament a couple years ago as well. He is also a regular there. You may recognize him from the movie The Cutting Edge with Moira Kelly.
The Backstreet Boys
I have seen them in concert two times now and I still love them. They are my all-time favorite group. This picture was taken in 1998 at Gradnight in Orlando, Florida. I got up close to the stage just to get some good pictures.
Me And Paula Cole
This picture was taken after Paula Cole's concert at the Moon, in Tallahassee. She was totally awesome and really sweet. I wasn't even gonna get a picture with her cuz her manager said it wasn't allowed since there were a bunch of other people there but Paula said stick around til after and she would!
Myself, Tori Amos and Jamie
We found Tori Amos at Disney World just walking around with her bodyguard and a tour guide. We wouldn't have even known she was a celebrity had our good friend Leslie Kennerly not been such a big fan of hers. She taught us all about Tori Amos and so when we saw her in the park we stopped her for this photo. She was giving a concert there that evening.